Our Tried and Tested Steps for Ibogaine Treatment

ibogaine rehabs center

The success of ibogaine treatment can no longer be ignored by those that use a holistic approach in treating drug addiction and those that prefer using conventional medicine to do the same. The number of those that have been totally cured from drug addiction and other disorders are a testimony that Ibogaine works.  Of course, we at The Holistic Sanctuary have known this all along and have been waiting for the rest to catch up. Johnny The Healer, who is our founder, discovered the powerful effects of this plant medicine that eliminates withdrawal symptoms on his own personal journey from drug addiction. He used Ibogaine alongside other holistic treatment options and has never gone back to his addictive life.

Johnny The Healer does not wish to take this revolutionary treatment method to the grave without helping others out of their addiction. It is for this reason that he has invested a lot in ibogaine research to ensure that he offers only the best to his patients. To get this holistic yet innovative treatment you will have to go through the Pouyan Method of treatment offered exclusively at The Holistic Sanctuary.

Basic stages you will go through during Ibogaine treatment

It is a fact that Ibogaine has psychoactive properties which cause the feeling of going through a divine journey when they consume the plant herb. It is for this reason, that most professionals advise that the plant medicine be consumed under supervision to avoid ibogaine death in case of an overdose. Even so, most of our patients say that the use of ibogaine allows them to go through a journey that results in a whole new person when they emerge on the other side.

The first stage

  • Ingestion of ibogaine in correct amounts with the effects being seen within the shortest time or it can extend to almost two hours. Most times, the variance in time will be dependent on how long a person has been addicted to drugs.
  • Auditory hallucinations that manifest in form of sounds that sound as if something is ringing or buzzing. Even so, these sounds fade away as time goes by and is quickly followed by uncontrolled muscle coordination of the individual that has consumed Ibogaine and you may need help in moving around.
  • Relief from withdrawal symptoms that is often associated with breaking off from a drug addiction habit.  Most addicts in the program testify that the relief is immediate and can at times be accompanied by excitement or even nervousness.

The second stage

  • This is considered to be the climax of the ibogaine experience where the effects of the plant medicine are felt as a whole in the body.
  • Inability to coordinate voluntary muscle movements which is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness.
  • Nausea which is attributed to the changes taking place in the body due to the consumption of ibogaine. However, the feeling of nausea is not present in all our patients as is the same with sleeping during his stage.
  • Overwhelming confusion which is comes with visions that differ from one patient to another. The confusion is brought about by the effects of Ibogaine in the body and the visions have mostly to do with the African culture and its artifacts.

The Third stage

  • You can now control your body at this stage and the nausea is fading away gradually but you are likely to experience some headaches.
  • Consumption of liquids is encouraged in this phase to keep the body dehydrated and also help reduce the impact of aches in the body and head. These aches can be discomforting and need to be managed well if the treatment journey is to go well.
  • The need to get over with the process much faster than the other stages so as to experience their life post addiction. After the process is done, many patients describe the event as life changing as they had a good time respecting themselves again.
  • Some patients experience “gray days” at the end of this phase which is manifested through a sense of helplessness, depression and negativity that may take time to lift off with time varying from one person to another.

In conclusion, Ibogaine treatment has proven many critics that were against its use in treating addiction wrong and has placed the plant medicine on a pedestal fat higher than its counterparts that are used in the treatment of addiction and other disorders.


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