Come and Experience Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine detox

For you to get over an addiction, you must commit to going far and above the use of ibogaine as part of your recovery journey. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we believe that for the plant medicine to be effective it must be ably supported by other complementary therapies. These therapies should be holistic in nature if they are to assist addicts of heroin and even alcohol gets back on their feet. It is for this reason that we have continuously been a leader in this type of rehabilitation with our success numbers rising higher and higher each day.

The Ibogaine detox program at our healing center is like no other. You will be surprised to know that we do not allow treatment using Ibogaine for people that cannot spare at least two weeks to be on the program and succeed in getting over their addiction. We are not interested in quick-fix solutions and so encourage patients to be in no rush when planning to seek help at our center. Johnny The Healer, the founder of The Holistic Sanctuary believes that healing from addiction is possible but for it to happen to you, changes must be made in various aspects of your life as well.

The detox program at the healing center is one of a kind

It might be said that we are boasting of our achievements in the area of healing addictions through the use of ibogaine but we are only stating facts. Our numbers back up our claims with ninety percent of patients that have gone through the detox program testifying of the changes in their lives after their healing. This is not surprising because Johnny The Healer also used the same plant medicine as well as other therapies that are holistic in nature to beat addiction. He knows exactly what drug addicts need in order to get cured of their addiction forever.

The exclusive program used at The Holistic Sanctuary to heal addicts, alcoholics and those suffering from PTSD is known as Pouyan Method. This treatment method has faced a lot of criticism since it was introduced by Johnny The Healer but has stood the test of time and emerged as one of the most effective ibogaine treatments globally. Although it uses ibogaine as one of its core medicines, it also has a number of therapies specially designed for healing that is incorporated for the benefit of patients.  The Pouyan Method is administered for a minimum of fourteen days with the results being a transformed life due to the power ingrained in Ibogaine.

Our Ibogaine detox is very different from those offered by other rehabilitation centers

You might be asking yourself, what sets The Holistic Sanctuary apart from others that use Ibogaine as part of their treatment programs.

  • First, we want to emphasize that Ibogaine treatment alone will not help you get healed from different types of addiction. It is for this reason that we have developed friendly but effective holistic therapies such as Reiki healing, detox baths, and outdoor activities among others.
  • Second, we ensure that the ibogaine dosage given during the detox program is enough to be effective in the body as well as the mind which is mostly affected by drugs and alcohol. This means that after treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary, your brain will be healed as well as your body so that you never need treatment again. When your brain gets cured, you also suffer no cravings for the drugs or alcohol you could not live with before.
  • Third, the ibogaine treatments are done at our ocean side location are designed to treat you with the value you deserve and not as a victim. The idea for the luxury facility for detox using the plant herb was brought about by Johnny The Healer who had undergone bad treatment at various rehabilitation centers that partly contributed to his failure to get well.
  • Finally, our program offers a guarantee of healing from drug addiction through the Pouyan Method which other treatment centers are afraid to give patients. Many of them believe that addiction is a lifelong disease but we think otherwise and offer you a chance to come and get healed at The Holistic Sanctuary.

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