Why Holistic Drug Rehabs in Los Angeles and California are the Best

The best treatment for drug addiction takes a holistic approach with an aim of providing alternative methods for dealing with detoxification, withdrawal symptoms and achieving lifelong recovery. Holistic drug rehabs facilities provide a whole-self approach to drug abuse. This enables the patients to achieve improved overall wellness as well as lifelong sobriety. Basically, holistic addiction treatment has a wider scope. It entails treating the spiritual, mental or psychological and physical aspects of a person. To accomplish this, patients are taught the value of having an exercise program, spiritual connection with something that is outside them and engaging in a healthy diet regime.  At our rehab center, we do not insist on a restrictive and cookie cutter approach towards drug abuse recovery. We have a compassionate staff made of therapists and professionals in addiction science. They focus on providing a personalized recovery plan that is designed to address specific needs of the patient.

Heal the Whole Self

Recovering from drug addiction is more than the simple feeling of physical strength. However, when a person recovers from drug abuse effectively, managing cravings becomes easy. This is because this recovery makes it possible for them to practice important life skills that they acquire at the treatment center. Thus, they lead healthier and more fulfilled lifestyles. After undergoing detoxification, we help patients in determining the actual causes of their addiction. We also remind them the joy of living without drug dependence. At our rehab, we help patients rebuild trust with their loved ones through therapy and counseling. We also include nutritional education and fitness training in our treatment programs. This makes it possible for patients to feel better and lead better lives after exiting our rehab.

Dealing with symptoms and focusing on accomplishing goals

At our rehab center, we address symptoms that accompany detoxification while helping patients to focus on accomplishing their goals. These symptoms can be emotional, physical and spiritual. Some of them can be life-threatening and they vary among patients. As such, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that a treatment approach can work for one patient and fail to yield good results with another patient. As such, we align treatment plans with the needs, lifestyles and goals of a patient so that they can learn to re-engage with work, activities and people that they cherished at some point in life. At the best holistic drug rehabs California facilities, the reasons or causes of drug abuse and addiction are usually identified and addressed first. This is followed by teaching patients important techniques for overcoming them and leading sober lives after exiting the rehabs. Our rehab is the most ideal place for you to focus all your energy on a holistic healing process.

Treatment Program

Since individuals are affected by drug addiction differently and their response to treatments varies, we come up with personalized treatment programs for different patients. Our holistic addiction treatment approach employs progressive and modern recovery techniques that address different needs of the clients. They include medically managed detoxification which makes withdrawal comfortable and intensive psychotherapies. At our rehab center, you receive fitness training, massage therapy for managing pain and cognitive therapy among others. We accept a specific number of patients at a time and this makes group therapy more effective.


Practicing the skills that you acquire in the outside world can be quite difficult. This is why many holistic drug rehabs provide aftercare to patients. Our rehab center provides aftercare plan that considers the specific needs of the patients. This ensures that our rehab center remains an important contributor to the lifelong abstinence commitment of the patients. Contact us today for more information about our rehab center and treatment programs.


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