The Ibogaine Rehab Center Is Mexico’s Safe Haven for Ibogaine Treatment

Drug rehabilitation is understood by many to be a cycle of addiction, treatment and relapse that lasts throughout an individual’s lifetime. At the Ibogaine Rehab center in Mexico, we believe the opposite and offer our patients a chance to get healed from addiction and live a drug free life for the remaining part of their existence. To achieve this, we use natural medicines like ibogaine among others to ensure that you are cured from addiction and never have the urge to take drugs again. To guarantee that our treatment methods differ from other ibogaine drug rehabs that currently exist in the world, we combine it with a unique method referred to as “Pouyan” which is exclusively offered at The Holistic Sanctuary, our partner treatment center.

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Ibogaine Study and Ibogaine Research


What is Ibogaine Study?

Ibogaine, may be a psychoactive organic compound derived from the roots of the forest bush Tabernanthe Iboga. The Bwiti tribe of West of Africa uses ibogaine in low doses to battle fatigue, hunger and thirst and in higher doses as a religious ceremony in spiritual rituals (Fernandez 1982). The data of the utilization of ibogaine for the treatment of drug dependence has been for the most part supported reports from teams of self-treating addicts that the drug blocked narcotic withdrawal and reduced longing for opiates and different medication for extended time periods.

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How To Solve The Biggest Problems With Ibogaine Rehab Centers

Ibogaine Rehab Centers

You know you are dependent when you can’t quit doing something that is hurting you.In the event that unnecessary medication or alcohol utilization is destroying your lifestyle, Baja California, Mexico has an assortment of profoundly appraised Rehab centers to help you or somebody you care about. Whether dependent on MDMA, opioids, torment pills or liquor, we can assist you with joining with rehabilitation to get phenomenal help available. You can even discover official or private treatment in Baja California to make restoration as simple as could reasonably be expected. Ibogaine treatment at our rehab center has been carefully organized to get you the best results, both physically and emotionally.

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